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  1. Thanks Ape, and we wont get DDR5, or RV770XT until late june, early July. Hopefully though, reviewer sites will get them early and bench them.
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  6. firebird said:
    If there was a trade-up program for ATI I might consider it. I have a 3870x2 with modded cooling so unless I could sell it to a friend I can't. I would like to though...

    ATI's own trade up program's been a joke for years. I've kept an old Radeon 64 DDR just to trade when they get something decent, but the prices from Newegg are better then the $50 off the list prices from ATI.

    Yes, the one thing I think Nvidia fans have going for them is eVGA's trade up program. It's only 90 days, but it's not a bad deal once you're fairly certain a new cards coming out.

    Too many possible upgrades, not enough money. I should find a cheaper hobby like buying tropical islands, restoring vintage fighter aircraft or just go to Vegas and throw it away.

    Used to be, a new CPU lasted 2-3 years and a new GPU lasted 1 1/2 to 2 years. Plus, you got two CPU upgrades per motherboard. Not anymore...
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