Is Microsoft office 2007 for windows 7 a free download

Is Microsoft Office ia free download for windows7 ?
If so, how do I get it?
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  1. Nothing with "Micrsoft" in the title is free. Most new PC's / Laptopsship with a 60 day free trial installed, after which you needto buy the product.

    There are a few other alternative that aree free -
  2. Hi

    Some new laptops & PC's (especially major brands) come with Microsoft Office 2010 Trial included
    This can be converted into a slightly cut down version of Word & Excel 2010 called Office Starter which is free
    This replaces MS Works often supplied with new PC's

    so some times Microsoft gives away useful programs for free
    (eg MS Virtual PC 2007 or virtual XP for Windows 7 (for pro or ultimate))

    Mike Barnes

    Open Office. Absolutely Free and almost a clone of Msft Office
  4. DelroyMonjo said:

    Open Office. Absolutely Free and almost a clone of Msft Office

    That's an enormous almost. After using Microsoft Access for quite some considerable time, I decided to give Open Office a try
    It would have to be the most frustrating experience I have endured. The reason why it is FREE is because no one would pay good money for it.
    Want to write a note or two use Notepad. Need some serious Office work done? Say no more. Almost a clone. Sigh !!
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