Hardware RAID + Vista+ some newbie ?'s

Hi Guys-

I'm going to be building my new setup in a few weeks and setting up Raid for the first time. I was looking for some tips to avoid troubles.

The Hardware will be-
ASUS P6T7 Motherboard
Areca 1231ML Raid card
2 Corsair SSD in Raid 0 for the OS and apps

Would like to install Vista 64. I had some basic Raid 101 Questions-

1. Should I keep the Asus BIOS software RAID disabled since I'm using a hardware card True?

2. Do I format the 2 SSD drives on another PC then install on areca card or connect them unformatted right away?

3. I have read areca cards and vista don't mix that easy? Some guy wrote he installed vista on 3rd drive, then cloned in onto the Raid drives ...is that necessary?

If there are any steps I'm missing please let me know?

Thanks P293
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  1. You can connect the drives you plan to RAID unformatted, since setting up a RAID array already involves formatting the involved disks.

    In any case, you should read this: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/43125-32-raid
  2. Thanks r_manic that tuitorial helped alot.
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