This RC-690 best cheap case for OCing with good Cooling

When building a new system for some OCing using air.. Is the RC-690 the best option for a new build.

I found this review.. Looks like a solid case for a new build..

The Cooler Master RC-690 costs $79.99 US Dollars. This makes this case a true steal, considering its features

Just wondering if this is the best cheap Sub < $100 case you can get. I see that you can have a total of 7 fans if needed but comes with 3 fans.

What are others thoughts on the case?
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  1. Word! *gangster sign* :D

    I was pleasantly surprised when I found my temps have been lower than before. My old case has a 25-cm fan which can't beat this RC690. The ventilation comes from all sides of the cases.
  2. yeah, a great case. You can fill up the case with yate loons for 4 dollars each, Great choice.
  3. RC-690 $55 Maybe not the best - but its a great case and an even better value for your case $$$
    A lot of us are kicking ourselves that we didnt order the RC-690 back when it was $30 after rebate.
    RC-690 Review @ HardwareLogic
  4. RC-690 is a great case.

    Other good options for 40-50$ is the CM Centurion 5 and 534... by adding 1-2 fans to either of those you can get great cooling performance.

    I have a 534 with E2160 in it OC'd to 3.0 running cool and stable. Just had to add front intake & side exhaust. (2 x $3 or $4 80mm fans)
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