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I had to hide my personal DATA before giving my laptop to a friend for a couple of days so I moved it to a specific drive on my hard disk and put a security password using the option by cliking right button of the mouse and going in to the DRIVE's properties. everything was smooth.
But after few months I had to format & reinstall my Windows Operating system (Windows Vista) but I forgot to removed the security from that particular drive.
Now whenever I have to open that drive I have to take ownership and inherit single file every time I open it and when I whole Disk Drive looks like as if its empty whenever I Recover my Windows and I have to transfer the ownership and inherit every single file & folder again and again
Is there a way to remove the security barrier once and for all?
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  1. Tom's Hardware doesn't assist in bypassing security protections,because we can't verify you are the owner of the item in question.Sorry.
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