Gigabyte ep35 ds3 bios hang freeze

Hi, I just changed from a gigabyte vm900m mainboard to a ga-ep35-ds3.

I followed the installation guide exactly, twice. I have 1 ide and 1 sata hard drive that I plugged in. I booted the system up. The first screen is the videocard manufactuer and then the next screen is the one with the 'del for bios' f9 revocery etc. This is where my problem is. Nothing happens. The computer stops/freezes on this screen.

Is there some detail that I may have missed on setting up sata drives when I only have one? There are 4 'orange' connections on the board and 2 'purple' ones. I have it plugged into an orange one. also do I need to set a jumper on the sata hard drive? The cpu is not faulty as I am now using it in my old motherboard and it runs fine. The ram is not faulty as I am also using it in my old mainboard and it is running fine. Also when I boot the computer up I get one short 'beep'. I'm sure its just something tiny and obvious but I must be missing it any help would be great. Cheers.

Intel core 2 duo 2.66
leadtek 8800gts 512mb
kingsong 4bg ddr2 ram 800
gigabyte ga-ep35-ds3.
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  1. There are no jumpers on sata drives except the few hybrid ones that do either IDE or SATA. In most case, there's no need to change the jumpers.

    Clear cmos, load defaults in bios, set up bios. If no dice, disconnect all but optical drive. If it works, hook up one more drive at a time. You need to see them in bios. Also, at the end of POST, there's a message:

    verifying DMI pool data.........

    The last words must be "update success" or you'll have problems with the drives.
  2. I've built two computers with these motherboard (EP35-DS3L) and both of them exhibit hanging at the BIOS screen usually after pressing Reset or CTRL-ALT-DEL. Both boards are using the same BIOS (F4) which is the most recent according to Gigabyte's web page. Hopefully it is just a bug that will be fixed. Both computers were fairly different from each other so it's not a specific combination of hardware to my knowledge.
  3. shorion-I have this problem too..i was instaling memtest and after reboot the post is hanging(ga-p35t-dq6)..I have clear cmos and when i turn on my pc i saw gigabyte logo so clear cmos-works but still hanging..after start ther is one standard beep signal-could You help me?
    sorry for my english-im writing from poland.
  4. Shorion - one short beep is positive - usually means the system has posted. Sometimes two very short beeps are so close together that people hear only one. 2 beeps is a memory issue. Just because your memory worked on a different model mobo does not mean it will work on your new one. Or it may work but only with different memory timings. These sound to me like memory timing issues.

    Since you are having trouble with current Gigabyte boards, I recommend going to where they have a Gigabyte forum to provide free technical support for their motherboards, graphics cards and other products!

    I had memory timing issues on my P35-DS3L that I could not resolve and posted on their board and got a response within 2 hours - on the 4th of July. There are several moderators - if you get Lsdmeasap, tell him hello for me. He was a lifesaver for me. Helped me tweak memory timings to make my memory work properly.
  5. The motherboard is fine!Somebody put a telephone card to usb card reader and I have Thermaltake shark case-I dont sow that card because of door- it's all fine without this card. :bounce:
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