My budget gaming pc for $449... w/6750 and 8800gts

Just wanted to share that if you don't mind the rebates and shop around it is possible to build a decent gaming rig for less than $500... Hope it gives an idea for those broke student such as myself :)

My build for less than $449 after rebates, taxes and shipping (was built in December and recently upgraded the card):

$22 Cooler Master Case Shipped AR (-30Rebate)
$64 320GB Seagate HDD
$194 E6750 Conroe Core 2 Duo @ 3.2Ghz (back than E8400 didn't exist)
$0 2GB Dual Channel Corsair XMS 2 DDR2 800Mhz (-50 combo, -40 Rebate)
$0 PSU AR 500W 32A (-49 Rebate)
$59 Mobo Abit IP35-E (-30 Rebate)
$35 Lightscribe DVD Dual Layer RW
$75 8800GTS EVGa 320MB (-30 rebate, -20 Google checkout)
$0 ABIT Wi-Fi card (-20 rebate)

Extra things purchased:
$160 Acer 22" LCD
$50 Logitech 5.1 system
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  1. I just made a hell of a computer for my friend using only his case and OS for 540.00 after rebates and shipped.
    gigabyte P35 DS3L
    2gigs Corsair 6400c4
    8800GTS 640-my old one
    WD 160GB 16mb
    Liteon dvdrw

    Not bad for 540.00
  2. did you sell him the 8800GTS or was it free?
  3. What PSU did you use that was $0 after a $49 MIR?
  4. RAIDMAX RX-500S 500W Power Supply, not great but handles everything I have well, and it is very quiet.
  5. Although I did not find a review of that particular brand of tier-5 ("Do not buy") PSUs at Jonnyguru, here's one that looks at a collection of cheap ones:
    Here's the tiered listing: It is a little dated, as there are new models available and other brands, but it is still a reasonable guide when taken in context.
    Bottom line, I would not trust a RaidMax PSU at anything over maybe 40% of its rating, and your OC'ed rig is well beyond that.
  6. hmm... very useful information... and the tiers will help me choose a better PSU next time, thanks.
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