Toshiba Satellite Keyboard and trackpad not working

Hi I have a Toshiba Satellite M305 series laptop. Day before yesterday My laptop touchpad stoped working completely. I thought it might be a glitch and reboot the system to find no improvement. This time even my keyboard stopped working. I shut down my laptop, took out the battery reinserted it and restarted but no success.

Did it for a few times and then my keboard started responding with a few keys not working(shift,ctrl etc.). Also I noticed that if at the login window screen on startup I touched the touchpad, the keyboard would stop working.

Checked the driver for touchpad, it said the driver is corrupt. Tried updating it, still no luck.
I did a system restore to a 1 month old point and yooohooo things got back to normal..

Over the night, the system did some automatic updates for Windows and my laptop touchpad is gone again with the same issues.. keyboard not working, keyboard working if I do not touch the touchpad. This time I tried restoring to the same restore point.. But this time things dint help..

Please help me decide what might be the issue.. is it hardware or some Virus attack(I suspect this because my AV had expired and I was uninstalling the old one to install new when all this problem started)
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  1. Also to add... I tried to get things working with USB mouse but the USB mouse is also not getting detected..

    though when things went ok for sometime both the touchpad and the mouse started to work and now none :(
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