My Documents, my pictures-deleted

This is currently for my girlfriend's computer and I am trying to help her out, but am sure you, the community, knows more about this than I do.

#1: We were watching netflix last night and nothing seemed to be wrong with her netbook (msi wind u100).

#2: This morning I started up her computer and It seemed odd because all the programs seemed as if their settings had been deleted. ie opened firefox and it would ask me if it wanted to be the default browser, which didn't ever occur.

#3: I get a very upset call about an hour ago saying that she turned on her computer and her documents and pictures are completely erased. I do the basics - start in safe mode= same thing, searching for a filename she knew=same thing, also I tried a system restore and it had a previous time saved 2 days ago-so she restored it to that time, it restarted, then said it wasn't able to restore it and that no changes have occurred.

Really need some help here guys, very appreciated.
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  1. WEll, the problem has been fixed- apparently for some reason they moved from the "my pictures" folder to docs and settings/username/mypictures, which was a hidden folder. Why would this happen?
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    most likely a logon problem.
    all settings are stored in 'docs and settings/username/'
    windows chooses which one to use as 'My Documents' according to the logon credentials.
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