New computer reporting weird CPU temps

Hi, i recently put together my new computer:

Abit IP35 Pro
4GB OCZ reaper DDR2-800
Antec P182 case
Corsair 620W
BFG 8800 GTS 512
Vista x64

When i open up the uGuru utility to monitor temps/fan speed/voltages it seems to be reporting CPU temps of either 0 C or 127 C. the fan seems to jump up in speed when ever the temp goes to 127 C. It only ever stays reporting 127 for a few seconds before going back to 0 for about 10-15 seconds.

I have no idea why this is so thought you guys might be able to help me
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  1. get coretemp

    what do you get with that?
  2. Don;t know exactly how to interpret these temps so i will list what i think is important.

    Tj. max - 105 C
    Core 0 - 46 C
    Core 1 - 46 C
  3. There ya go those are a little better, nothing to be concerned over...

    I believe TJ. Max on the E8400 is actually 95 not 105 so those temps are 10 over what you really have...

    36 are good temps, 46 is even acceptable although a tad high.

    Your fine man, don’t worry about the machine, have fun.
  4. Ok. i thought that uGuru was probably reporting wrong temps. thanks for your help
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