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My Hard disk is not detected by the BIOS.I guess it's dead.So please help me to recover data form the dead hard disk
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  1. be sure you have a jumper on SLAVE.

    does it spin up?
  2. sata ide?

    are there jumpers

    new or used

    if used how old

    did you switch cables

    did you switch ports

    what happened right before the drive quite working
  3. 1. Get into your time machine and go back in time to before the hard drive died.
    2. BACK UP all your important data
    3. Restore the data to your replacement hard drive.

    If the drive is truly dead, and since you probably don't have a time machine, your only option is to pay $$$$ to a data recovery company.

    Moral of the story, Back Up Your Data!
  4. I have known some people who claim that they were able to recover data from a "dead" hard drive by wrapping it up in two zip lock bags and putting it in the freezer overnight. IF it comes up you need a new drive already installed to transfer data to because it may not last long and may not work more than once if it works at all.

    If you do not have backups of your data the only other choice is a data recovery company. They are VERY expensive and their success rate is not as great as you might image. If the reason the drive is dead is that the heads crashed on the platter and damaged it there is little likelihood that anything can be done.

    As orangegator said, backup your data. It is a hard lesson to learn.

    Good Luck
  5. In most cases even after headcrash, the drive is still detected, just no longer functions. Try another system. In a worse case, some users have had luck getting the same(find another identical drive) drive and changing the logic board.

    As said, data backup is very important for future reference.
  6. Is it possible to find another like drive and change out the platters? I have a drive that I thought was dead and wanted to see the insides. Turns out the spindle was making all the noise and I think the data is still intact. Any suggestions?
  7. that also happened to my Seagate 7200.11 SATA, and I tried changing the boards on the HDD to no avail. A good board on the faulty HDD doesn't get detected, also a faulty board on a working HDD didn't get detected in BIOS either!
  8. lloydmuc,
    I guess it varies, i have seen drives that are toast still get detected in the bios but be unusable. They are older, so may new drives just stop getting detected after they are toast.

    bigbender_mike, Thats a very hard task, data recovery companies do perform such tasks(In a clean room). If you have nothing to loose go for it, but remember even a spec of dust can scratch the crap out of those platters rendering data(some or all) useless.
  9. Few day's before my hard drive is totally inaccessible, i fully shocked, after that i searched the tool at online that can easily access my hard disk data without losing my original details. so we recommends you try this tool at online which is easy to affordable application no need to put extra on it.

  10. how well do these data recovery apps work in general? in my case, my seagate drive stopped reading by bios recently, like a week ago.

    anybody have personal experience using these apps, that's what i like to hear? i got a new notebook with big storage so i can just transfer if i can access the broken drive. anybody know how long the data sit safely in a dead drive? time sensitivity?
  11. Data recovery from dead hard drive is still possible, one way is data recovery lab if you can afford thousands or tens of thousands for your data, another way is use data recovery tool, here's a good guide that helped me last time: dead hard drive data recover

    You got to make the hard drive detectable by computer, if current computer does not detect it, you may take out the hard drive and then connect the hard drive to another computer as slave drive, or external hard drive. You can then check whether computer is able to detect it. Another way is to try device manager, you can follow this guide
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