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Hi I want to upgrade my PC for the upcoming game age of conan, but i need to know if some parts are ok for the stronger parts ill be getting. I need help deciding what is the best graphics card for at least 200$ or less and Good RAM.

This is my CPU Specs.

Intel Pentium D Processor 820 2.8 ghz with dual core technology
2 GB DDR2 SDRAM 533 mhz
256 mb gddr3 7900 gs
250 GB SATA II HD 7200 rpm
So please tell me what i need... tell me if my cpu would bottle neck the faster parts of my computer. Thanks
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  1. help plz
  2. this should answer your query regarding GPUl.


    Also you might want to upgrade your CPU too ...because new games use both CPU and GPU. Which mobo do you have btw?
  3. i dont know its a comp from dell... how can i find out?
  4. i got the sheet wit com specs on it but it doesnt say the mobo
  5. also how do i check my psu so its good enough for t he 8800 gt and should i get faster ram or get another gig of the same ram
  6. please help
  7. What model dell do you have? most likely you can't upgrade the CPU which you will really want to do as well.

    for $200? Get a 8800GTS
    $195 after rebate: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127325
    if you don't have the regular price upfront or if the price is to salty, this is probably the closest performing card you can get in a 8800GT form and can probably be OCed quite a bit higher with that cooling solution:
  8. i have a xps 400
  9. also i might just upgrade my laptop but... since my processor is not like a true dual core idk if it is... do you think my laptop has a better processor? i think its 2.0 ghz dual core compared to 2.8 ghz but intel pentium d
  10. It looks like that model uses the 945 chipset. If you do some research it might support one of the 800MHZ core2 chips. That would be a great help.
  11. ok i google searched and found these to be your XPS's specs


    it says that your mobo supports PCI express x16...so thats not a problem anyways.....you could open your case and check out which PSU you have... that would give us a better idea whether your PSU could handle the new GFX cards
  12. It's a 375w power supply w/ 18A on the 12V rails.

  13. ^..wow ok...i guess OP needs to upgrade his PSU after all...I don't think that mobo supports the Penryns..... OP, you gotta buy a new mobo, CPU, PSU and a gfx card to upgrade
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