9600 GT - NVIDIA known Issues with vista 64!

Well well well, Nividia does it again.

Clean installs - Vista 64 bit service pack 1 and Xp 32 bit servive pack 3

Dual screen option only works with XP 32 bit , dual screen fails to post or cant be initiated under vista 64. Unless of coarse you remove the second screen from the DVI adapter then plug it back in after rebooting. But then you get a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768. Useless on 2 x 22 inch BENQ's 1650 x 1080. But dont you dare reboot cause you have to do it all over again.

Pull your heads in NVIDIA, get some working drivers for your damn cards. Are we to see another case of 8800 driver issues all over again.

Hardware tested to confirm another crappy nidia product.

Gigabyte 965-DQ6 motherboard latest bios
Gigabyte 965-Ds3 motherboard latest bios
Gigabyte p35-DQ6 motherboard latest bios

leadtek 9600gt
Nvidia 9600gt

drivers used.

GeForce Release 174 WHQL
Version: 174.74
Release Date: April 1, 2008


GeForce Release 175 BETA 175.16 May 6, 2008


What a discracefull company!

AARRR NIVIDIA , youve done it again!
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  1. Not to make light of your situation, or poke fun at you but.... I find it ironic and hilarious that the 174 driver release date is april 1st... HEHE
  2. Dont worry, its now common knowlage - 9600gt isnt vista compatable. Another crappy product from a second rate manufacter.

    Back to my x1950 pro from ATI - ten years ive been with ATI , this time i went nvidia, what a discrace they are. Cant believe anyone uses there products.
  3. this is useful info.
    maybe edit the title of the post so it says
    9600gt - problems in vista 64
    or something like that, that way people researching potential problems will get this thread in a google search.
  4. Yeah agree with Firetatoo about the title change.

    The thing is neither ATi nor nVidia were great in the XP era, then if you were serious about multi-monitor you went with UltraMon since both ATi and nV had their shorcomings, now with the changed Vista driver setup it's a little trickier to do multi-monitor fully, and right now I'd agree ATi does it better, but they're still a shadow of their XP selves.

    I wouldn't be surprisde if there's a hack to make things work better on the GF side of the equation, but as I haven't run a current GF in Vista in that situation I've never checked. I do know UltraMon was giving me problems in Vista on the HD2600, so I dropped it. Not sure about the GF issue, seems more setup/startup related like it's missing a call or something.

    Doesn't look like the standard issues of different vendors and such, so you['d need to check a semi-dedicated resource.

    I would sugest checking their dev forums, I'm sure someone's encountered this an found a work around to improve the situation although maybe not completely solving it.
  5. Also might be worth looking into geting a Matrox Triple Head 2 Go depending on the apps you use multimon for.
  6. I'm having the exact same problem, only in Vista 32bit (with and without service pack 1, drivers 168 onwards) and Ubuntu 8.04 32bit. The funny thing is, when I initially installed Vista I did an upgrade from XP, and I didn't have any issues at all. I haven't tried doing an 'upgrade' install again, but I HAVE reinstalled Vista several times- to no avail.

    On Ubuntu I have tried drivers 173.14.09 and 173.08, the latter giving me at least a larger choice of resolution sizes (640x480 being the max res after drivers are installed- without the drivers 1024x768 and only one monitor is detected). Also, I think it's worth noting that it's display one that cannot be picked up at full res, unless of course display two is unplugged. And prior to re-plugging in display one after a boot, display one is detected, but doesn't actually work.

    I doubt I've clearly explained myself, but I will tell you that this is pissing me off. I haven't been able to find any information concerning this, aside from this thread. I'm also taking these complaints to NVidia, I'll post if I get a reply.

    EDIT: I received a reply this morning. Apparently it's firmware related with my Viewsonic VX2235wm; I sent my monitor details to NVidia and am awaiting another reply. I must say, I'm pleased with their customer support.
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