Need a mobo for Crossfire ... x38/x48

Title says it all ...

rest of specs :

c2d 8400
2x HD48XX ( to be decided )
2x2gb mushkin xp2-8500 ( 1066mhz)

Need to have good and stable OC, DDR2, and ofc 2x PCIE 16x slots ...
what features i need ? nothing fancy, i will be using 3 sata drives, 6 USB ports at max... the only thing im concerned about is the space for a good CPU cooler, since i will be using a Cosmos S case, the max height of the cpu cooler is about 145mm so it will probably need more space around the cpu socket ... any recommendattions here ?

x38 or x48 ? and wich one ? i must admit im pretty tight on budget here for the mobo, but i guess ill find the cash if needed. So far i was thinking about Asus Maximus Formula, but its a bit pricey ...
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  1. X38 and X48 are basically the same, and perform the same. But since x48's cost have dropped to about the same level as x38, it's a good choice. Something like this should do well:
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