EN8800GT cant overclock


I have bought asus en8800GT (new modern) edition. same as TOP one just that it works with normal speed.
I have tryed to overclock it with RivaTuner but it doesnt detect my core speeds.

Whats wrong with it ?
I use new drivers (not beta ones) 169.25 running Win Vista 32 bit
it detects my Core temperature, but i cant change clocks =(
I would like to overclock it as Top one is

Thanks in advance
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  1. Anyone please :P
  2. if you are using vista 64x theres your problem.... try atitool
  3. I'm using 32 bit x86

    AtiTool doesnt detect core's eather. tryed it already.
  4. Even Nvidia nTune doesnt detect my core speeds =( I cant modifily them there as well. such **** =(
  5. yeah... i dont know what the problem is sorry.... at least your stock vid card beats my overclocked 3870 lol :)
  6. See if gpuz detects your card properly. If not, it may be defective.

    Btw, in case you don't know, ASUSTek is based in Taiwan, with factories in mainland China. Not saying that Made In China is bad quality though. Make your own conclusion. :p
  7. Ye, I've noticed asus sucks. But cooling of this graphic card is realy nice.

    I overclocked it once with smartdoc (Xp) to full, 750mhz engine 1900shader and 1200mhz memory (GPU-z showed 70gb/s bendwith) iddle temp was 55°C
    fully loaded 75°C. But it was crashing like hell :D

    Anyway GPU-z detects my graphic card normaly. I think its not foult of hardware or somthing. I dont know to be honest.
  8. Jacky444 said:
    Ye, I've noticed asus sucks. But cooling of this graphic card is realy nice.

    I overclocked it once with smartdoc (Xp) to full, 750mhz engine 1900shader and 1200mhz memory (GPU-z showed 70gb/s bendwith) iddle temp was 55°C
    fully loaded 75°C. But it was crashing like hell :D

    Anyway GPU-z detects my graphic card normaly. I think its not foult of hardware or somthing. I dont know to be honest.

    Uninstall driver, run sweeper, and reinstall driver. See if it helps.
  9. I just done that 5x :=(

    Even Tryed with newest beta drivers 175.12

    all same results, no control over speeds =(.
    DAMN YOU >>> ASUS =(
  10. Weird thing is, I didnt found anything like it on google or other forums =(
  11. If you just got it, might as well rma it. Just tell them it's unstable on your system. Even if they test it and it powers on, they can't fully test for stability. Don't wait until rma period expires, because you may end up never be able to solve the problem.
  12. Problem is,
    Nothing seems to be wrong with the card, If I could overclock it on Win Xp and on vista with asus smartdoctor.

    But with smartdoctor i cant modifily core speeds exacly to some numbers. so i cant find any higher core speed witch would work normaly.

    Thanks my major problem. Othervise i can overclock it normaly with SmartDoctor.

    I would like to upgrade bios as well. But I got no idea how. I tryed that asus tool to update bios of card but it says "Cant recodnize card" or somthing like it.

    Sory my english is rly bad, but i'm trying :$
  13. It's still best to return it before the period runs out. Why do you need problems like this? You deserve a fully working product without... problems. :p
  14. True :P But Overclocking isnt rly allowed :).

    Anyway i have same problems with 2 8800GT's

    I have changed this card few days ago reason was i thought its not working well. But problem was in my motherboard so.

    My friend works for "Lancom" slovenian company (where i bought card) and he changed it without asking why and testing it. so as i said before :P i bet its not card problem =(
  15. Go with the old 169 drivers, theyll be recognized and should work
  16. You might need to get a diffrent mobo, is there anything at all dectecting your 2 cards, or does it act like there not there at all ?
  17. I got 1 card :O.
    As i said my english is bad, I meent i changed 2 cards already.
    First and 2nd time :P

    anyway, SmartDoctor works fine with it. But i cant put exacly clock 700/1750/2000 with it. Only 1748 or 1754 what makes games crash =(

    my mobo is p5b, i think that mobo is good for this stuff. atleast i dont got problems with overclocking rams & cpu
  18. Anyway, Jay I use atm 169.21, still no luck in rivatuner =(
  19. The clocks are set in small steps of 6 to 13 mhz, depending on card. So youll never get exactly 1750 . Have you tried device manager to see if your card is recognized there? If theres a question mark, click it and see whats going on from there, your hardware manager may help
  20. Hold on Im looking up some info for riva tuner
  21. OK, its too long for me to type it all out, but heres the link, this should do it http://www.evga.com/forums/tm.asp?m=240343 Just change the cfg for the G92, just like in the link, if its the same, then theres other problems
  22. ok, thx. I'll try it out now.

    any way for info. I wrote before I want to get my asus en8800GT with newest cooler they goot to frequency as TOP model has.

    Mine is stock: 600/1500/1800
    Top: 700/1750/2000

    cards are the same as i know. I got same cooler on it. and both are the special models. So i think i should get it stable at same freq then TOp version is.

    anyway. Going to try what u told me to =)
  23. doesnt work :/. Riva Tuner still doesnt load up speeds =(
  24. Hold on
  25. Just to inform you. Now when i changed that, mine GPU-z doesnt even recodnize card's speeds any more :O
  26. yeh sure, I got the time :P I'm glad you help me in this one.
  27. Try using this. If this doesnt work, then maybe your other oc tool is messing things up. Heres the link http://www.evga.com/articles/405.asp This is a great tool. made from the same guy that makes rivatuner
  28. Jay, I appriciate ur help.

    Let me share some new infos I got from my pc.

    After I Installed SmartDoctor and restarted compluter, GPU-z was able to read my core speed, textures fill rate, bendwith etc. but now. it doenst read them.

    I guess there is somthing else wrong. Meybe drivers i'm using or somthing dunno. I totaly redownloaded 169.25 drivers, but no change.

    Its so annoying but somthing weird is going on. Some times I can view core speed in GPU-z some not, riva doesnt seems to recodnize my card. but it detect's temperatures.

    So weird =)

    Anyway going to give a shot to software u gave me link.

    Thanks for now =)
  29. How's that u're giving me all links for EVGA version ?
    I thought Asus's en8800GT is diffrent then Evga :P

    but Idont know much about this.
  30. YVW, good luck, hope it works
  31. Update: Hardware monitor detect's my graphic card PERFECTLY, but when i wana overclock it, i cant change clock speed or modifily it, same problem as before.
    I hope that helps a bit with research.
  32. EVGA toool detect's my speed's but doesnt allow me to change it. :\
  33. The tool works on all nVidia cards
  34. Not the fans speed either? That other tool, dr whatever, may have somehow locked it in, and wont release it, can you disable it?
  35. JAy !!!!!!!!!!!! IT WORKS I :P I had to install BETA drivers 175.24

    now it **** works :P amazing :D THx a lot

    I rly appriciate =) ... but i cant control fan speed :)
    anyway dont need that.
    Thanks a lot.
  36. GREAT!!! Just watch those temps while youre ocing, and good gaming!!!
  37. Thanks thanks :P

    anyway here are results from 10 mins testing crysis:

    FPS avarge: 32.21
    FPS min: 27.32
    FPS max: 39.54
    Temperature: Max 71°C
  38. Here picture of my graphic card =)
  39. 27 min, thats playable, and nice temps too NICE
  40. but still, i'm having problems games are crashing =(

    Any ideas why ?
    I'm running these speeds atm: 700/1750/2000

    Same as TOP card is, but mine games are crashing =( why god, my lord why =(
  41. Pushing the memory that high isnt good. Its probly a slower memory, sometimes oced cards have better memory on them. Drop back you oc a little bit, just by putting them there doesnt mean your card can do it. Also, you wont see that big a dropoff lowering them somewhat. Thats what ocing is all about, each card is different, and brings its own performance. See where your card is comfortable with your oc by trying adjusting things slowly, not all at once
  42. :O I'm pretty much sure its not memory :)
    GPU is making problems i guess. I've tryed with 1800 memory today, and it crashed anyway. so I'm guessing its gpu speed.

    I'll try to find stable core, but since i cant use AtiTool this wont be easy =(
  43. 700/1750/2000 is most stable i can get.

    In some games it crashes, but in some not. Usualy DirectX 9.0c games are crashing. DirectX 10 works fine. weird though.
  44. Its either stable or not, if it crashes in any game then it isnt stable and in the long term you will damage your card.

    That is very big overclock that very few 8800gt are likely to be good for, dont be surprised that yours cant take...it doesnt mean that there is anything wrong with it.
  45. Updated:

    NFS Pro street = crashes
    Crysis = works fine
    Cabal online (mmorpg) = refreshes screen every few secs
    Company of heores opposin fronts= works fine
    Assassin's creed = works fine
    Sattlers 4 = works fine
    Fifa 2008 = works fine
    Counter Strike Source = works fine
    Garry's mod 10 = works fine
    soldier of fortune2 = works fine

    Now tell me if this is normal ?
  46. Id check your pro street for patches, or any other incompatabilities. Not familiar with the game tho, but it sounds game orientd to me, since all others are doing ok. The skipping from cabal could be internet related
  47. xD. This graphic card is pwnage :O I can overclock it over 745mhz and core is still stable in crysis :O

    memory doesnt wana go over 2000mhz =(
  48. Its easy to fry your memory. It usually doesnt get the cooling the chip does. Thats still a good oc, just the memory , which isnt bad. It all depends on this, does it do what you want it to do in games? Ocing is fun, but pushing componants can get costly
  49. Money isnt problem here =)
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