Intel Motherboard/ATI Radeon Output Problem

Hello, I recently was returning from college and setting my computer back up. I had everything plugged in, Turned it on and the screen was black. At first I thought the problem was with the monitor, but I tested it on my laptop and it worked flawlessly. I also tried a different monitor on my computer and the same results, nothing. I had thought it might be the ATI Radeon 9600XT AIW graphics card I have. I took it out and plugged the monitor into the Intel Motherboard to use the onboard graphics card. I get the same results. Nothing but a black screen. No chance to even see bios or anything like that. I also took the battery out of the mobo to reset the bios thinking maybe that would fix it. Yet, I have no luck. Has anyone here experienced a problem like this and if so how have they corrected it?

It is a custom built computer and I am running Ubuntu Hardy Heron as my main OS with XP as my alt. If I could get even a little output on my screen, it may help me figure out what is going on. Also, I hear no beeps indicating that there was a problem. Everything seems to be on and working, but just no output. Lights, fans, cooling system etc.

The processor is a P4 3.0. 2G Ram, 2 HDs, and 2 CD drives.

Any information about how to possibly check and find out whats wrong would help me a great deal.

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  1. sounds like the card?

    card did not work in both systems therefore its the card - u need a new one
  2. Not sure its the card, especially since you tried the onboard graphics. But it could be, go buy a $20 PCI gfx card to see if that is your problem. If not, idk what to say.
  3. Just to verify, the machine IS passing POST, correct? (The single beep when you start up)
  4. No sound when I boot. Thus I don't believe it passes post. I did however remove the jumper for the bios on the motherboard while the graphics card was out. Then I booted up, and there was a sequence of beeps. Which turned out: " . . . . . . ." So, Two followed by five. I checked and the two is a parity, the five is related to the processor I think and seven is similar to five. I believe five stated about the processor being not properly put in, so I took it out, and replaced it with no luck.

    Thanks, for responding so quickly.
    Any help is welcome.

  5. Okay, have you tried to reseat all the power connections to the motherboard? (CPU, 24/20 pin, Aux)?
  6. I just reset the power connections and I get the same results with the Blank Screen.
  7. Does this sound like the motherboard is shot? Or could it be something else? I could just go ahead and buy a new mobo, but I gotta get an old one.
  8. The problem is from youre power supply,

    it happend to me a lot on my old pc my power supply was having a problem because the power in our house had shutted down so try and put ur windows cd\dvd and recover ur windows from errors and every time the power shuts down in the house i make a check disk just do exactly as i said to you and i think youre problem will be solved ,and if nothing still appears then change ur power supply
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