Hello everyone,

When buying a new cpu, should you get a new fan+heatsink for it as well?

Thank you.
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  1. If you are buying a retail CPU with fan/heatsink included and not overclocking, the stock fan may work ok for you. If you want lower temperatures or plan to overclock, then you need a higher performance HSF. Stock Intel 775 HSF's have been suspect in the past not seating properly and sometimes causing poor performance. High Performance HSF's like this one provide a backplate mounting system and lower temps.

    Great temps are the rule with these too.
  2. Thank you Badge,

    The cpu I am getting does not currently come with a heatsink or fan. I do not plan on overclocking at this time.

    The cpu I am getting is a AMD Opteron 180 which is an upgrade from my current cpu AMD Althon 3000+
  3. The fan you have will work. I use these in two of my 939 systems.

    I use one of these on a 939 system also. But I also use some of the stock fans as well.
  4. Again Thank you Badge for the quick response and information
  5. Not really a fan of Zalman HSF because it is not very easy to replace the fan should it go bad.

    If you have a tall / wide enough case I would use either the Scythe Ninja+ or the Tuniq Tower.

    Scythe Ninja+

    Tuniq Tower

    I have both and they are excellent HSF. The Scythe Ninja is quiet by default and the Tuniq Tower comes with a fan controller to make it quiet.
  6. I've heard great stuff about ZEROtherm's heatsinks...I plan on using one when I do my next build...

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