Antec 900 fans! please need help fast

the case fans on the antec 900 have a fan speed controller, and then they have their black power cables. Where do i plug these cables into?? I have a corsair 520w. The fan power cables wont plug directly into my power supply.

Also, i have a socket on my motherboard named "atxp41". I cant find anything to plug in here. I already have the 24 pin and 8 pin connectors connected. And I had to take the jumper off my seagate 7200.11, but do I plug anything in the socket i took the jumper out of?

Im so confused....any help would be appreciated.
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  1. The harddrive jumper is usually in so that it defaults to sata 150. It should be fine without a jumper in, but the info the harddrive label should tell you.
  2. no but do i need to plug anything into the jumper socket
  3. It's been awhile since i've looked at antec fans. there usually are 3 wires. A fan controller, A 4 pin molex connector, 3 pin connector with one wire. Am I correct? If so you only need to plug in the 4 pin molex to your psu. the other wires you can leave alone.


    Use 4 pin Molex connector:

    Why did you have to take the jumper off your Seagate HDD??
  5. ispy said:
    The fan power cables wont plug directly into my power supply.
    The fans power plug goes into a 4 pin molex connector. The fan control cable plugs into a fan "header" on the motherboard.
  6. ahh ok got it thanks guys
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