How to change Ram Latency In BIOS?

Hi guys i am running my Kingston HyperX DDR 2 Memory 2x2024mb with a AMD Phenom 9950 B.E. and the stock ram latency for that Kingston ram is 4-4-4-4-12 and people told me to up it to 5-5-5-5-18 but i dont know how to change the ram latency in bios, can anyone help me? Also i am running my Phenom at 3.2ghz overclocked at 16 multiplier. Thanks Guys.
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  1. Welcome to THG Moe2o56,
    With ram lower is better, 4-4-4-12 is faster than 5-5-5-18. Either you typed it backwards or they have misinformed you.
  2. unclefester is correct Moe. 5-5-5-18 is looser then the 4-4-4-12. To my knowledge the only reason to switch it would be for a higher Overclock in that sitiation.

    There should be a option in your Bios to change them. Your might have to change a Auto setting to Manual to enable the ability though.
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