Convert to NTFS without formatting?

Currently my hard drives have no file system structure. This is due to a bad linux install.

Using an external program, I can see that my data is still on the hard drives, but it's inaccessible so formatting is NOT an option.

I would normally just use the "convert" command but to do that, you need a drive letter but my hard drives don't have one.

1. How can I convert my hard drives to an NTFS structure, without formating? Partition magic doesn't work for this.

2. If I delete the partition, will that also delete the data found on the hard drive?

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  1. Yes, if you delete the partition, you'll make it much harder to recover the data. Try to use a disk recovery utility to get your data back, like testdisk.
  2. The first thing is to back the drive up to another HD. This is because you do not know what caused your problem in the first place. After backing up, you can test the drive for reliability. Do not trust any software with your data in mission critical situation. As long as your data is safe you can do to the drive to fix it. Remember even software designed to recover partitions may cause further damage. BACK UP FIRST!.
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