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Hello everyone, I recently logged onto TF2 and I noticed that with 2x Anisotropic Filtering, 2x Anti-aliasing, everything at high (not very high), and bloom off I was getting an average of 30-50 FPS.

Is this normal? Seeing as how the Source engine is starting to age a bit and I've just upgraded my entire system I was expecting my machine to do a lot better. It puzzles me a bit because I get great frame rates in COD 4 (at full I very rarely drop to 50 FPS)

Could my CPU be slacking or is it just my video card not being powerful enough?

My system:
Q6600 @ 2.4ghz (thinking of OC'ing to 3.0ghz)
8800GTS 512MB (G92)
8GB DDR2 800 RAM
ASUS P5K-E P35 ATX Socket 775 motherboard

I play at 1280 x 1024 (as this is the max res. my screen allows).

Thanks in advance!
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  1. That is low performance, and it isn't the Q6600 either. Max details 4xaa/16xaf at a higher res even you should be seeing 50+ fps. And honestly in that game 30 fps could start to give your opponents an advantage.
  2. My computer defaulted to 4aa and 8af. (I think on the AF, I'm sure on the AA.) Everything was on high. My res is 1024x768. Considering I have a 3500+ and an x1800xt, you should be quite a bit higher I'd think. I can go higher on the res, but I haven't tried yet. I'm assuming I can go up to 1280*1024 or 1600x1200 if I drop the AA down and perhaps some of the details. Seeing as the 8800GTS is a much better card then the x1800xt, I'd be wondering the same thing you are.

    Steam updates everything when you play, so you don't need to look for patches. Make sure your drivers are up to date, and your system is clean.
  3. yikes somethings wrong i think. i have E8400@4 ghz, 9800gtx OCed, 4 gig of ram, and i have 1920x1200 res, 2x AA 2x AF, everything on highest, includeing HDR and motion blur, and i get straight 40 fps. I hear the game is more CPU dependant however.
  4. That is strange because I have the latest drivers. Any tips on what I could do to see if somethings wrong with my system?
  5. Any idea? Is my system not strong enough to handle TF2 yet? Any help / reports of FPS in game with your personal system specs would be a lot of help.
  6. run 3dmark
  7. Perhaps not a bad idea. If you run 06, you can report back with the CPU and SM2 and SM3 scores. Perhaps that can shed some light on whats going on with your system.
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