Sapphire 2900pro 256-bit or Msi 8800gts oc 320

Right now I own a Sapphire 2900pro 256-bit And i was just wondering if it would make sense performance wise to upgrade to a Msi 8800gts OC.
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  1. The 2900 Pro usually has more Memory (512). The 256 bit bus is not really a limiting factor if you compare it to the 512 bit pro. In addition there are many modded bios files and forum threads about overclocking it around.
    I have seen some benchmarks showing the GTS(320) running out of memory which comes with a nasty FPS drop. I would go for the pro.

    Just remember that the 2900 needs a lot of power.
  2. It would be a waste of your money to buy a 320MB GTS. You could upgrade to a 512MB GTS though, as it is the best one.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply guys thats pretty much what i thought but wasn't sure.I'm looking to upgrade my video card but i only got $200 to spend.
  4. Hold until HD 4870, not really a bright idea (at least not financially) to upgrade from one high end current generation card to another high end current generation card.
  5. With 4870 less than one month, I'd recommend to sell your card before its worth for price falls down further. You would probably get $100 now for it. Thereby spending $200 additional would put you on top of line with 4870.
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