Primestable but sometimes fails on restart

I have a q6600 overclocked to 3Ghz. Primestable for 8 hours.
RAM is not overclocked. Ram divider set for 1066mhz. Ram set to 2.1 Volts

Problem I am having is sometimes when i restart the PC, from turning the power off at the wall. The overclock fails. Then after a couple of restarts it run sweet as a nut.

No stability issues whilst running after I found out Kaspersky antivirus was causing PC to hang.

It is not overheating or anything. Idle temps low 30's
4 x 1GB Corsair Dominator 1066MHZ

Any ideas why it fails from Power on when Primestable?

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  1. It could be the power supply, also whats your vcore set to? and what motherboard?
  2. Not a great motherboard. Asus P5QL
    Vcore in bios set to 1.375. Probably could lower it
    Everything else AUTO for voltages, other than 2.1v RAM

    My VID is 1.2875
  3. What PSU do you have? It sounds like it is having problems supplying enough juice when everything is booting up.

    Prime stable isn't some golden paradise. While prime does stress the system it isn't affected by devices that have power on tests and whatnot.

    I consider an OC to be stable when you can cold boot to windows and get prime/orthos/other stress testing software to run without a glitches.
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