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I powered down my ASUS laptop last night, along with a Fantom Drives GreenDrive II. After rearranging the placement of everything, having carefully moved the GDII all of 3 feet, I powered it all back on. Now the GDII does not appear in "my computer".

I'm using a eSata laptop card, but the GDII also allows a USB cable. Switching between the cables produces no results. I ahve re-seated connections.

The GDII is less than 30 days old. Critical content is on the drive.

Why would the drive not appear available?
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  1. Totally bizarre. I have now moved the drive to a tower and installed it internally, the drive works. Evidently in the process of relocating the drive to another location of my desk some aspect of the enclosure or power supply has failed.
  2. Power supply, maybe. Could just be a loose connection on either the power supply or the data cable, or even where the HDD connects into the case's connector. If it's either of the latter two (loose connections) it may work just fine if you simply put it back in its case.

    Another possibility is that the new position put power or data cables in a position that caused excessive electrical noise in the cable, interfering with data transmission.
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