8800GT for Inspiron 530

I think there is so many Inspiron 530 owner right now. They are so desperately want to upgrade their video card to 8800GT or any better (as price dropped- $150). But they not sure if that going to fit the system or have sufficient cooling.

Which 8800GT is good to get for the system. I also heard ppl said the 8800GT is so hot that the system might have trouble on cooling.

I hope this thread also answer my question as well as those Inspiron 530 owner.
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  1. The 9600 might be an option if heat is a problem.
  2. You can fit an 8800 GT in the I 530 ( Dell Small Business still offers the GT in the Vostro, which is the same machine), and for added cooling an 80 or 92 mm fan in the front will help.

    Photo courtesy of kiragunn
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