System Fails to boot, due to new mobo...

Hi Everyone, Just upgraded my computer, well only the mobo and RAM the new RAM is OCZ reaperx hpc ddr2 8000 4GB.

And the new mobo is the asus maximus formula.

current cpu p4 3.4ghz

current psu isnt a high branded make but is 750 watt and its ATX 12v specification 2.0 as far as i know which the mobo requires.

As i boot up my system it runs through the boot screen then unfortunatly powers down....

Now this mobo has a 8-pin eatx 12v power socket and my psu only has a 4-pin.... so that maybe why I guess? Right? But i'm under the impression it'd work with a 4-pin?
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  1. I have a feeling that your

    HSF isn't sitting correctly on the motherboard (basically your system is shutting down due to temp)

    Take off your HSF, clean processor and HSF, apply thermal grease and reset HSF and try again.

    Or, the whole 8pin4pin idea...

    Good Luck
  2. Well just now trying to boot it i had a message at the bottom of the screen saying something about cpu over temp was too quick to see then powered down.
  3. Try the reseating diddle/
  4. Before you said to take out the HSF and reseat it that was one of my options, you saying it gave me the incentive and it worked I don't know if it was me applying a little more thermal paste or the HSF not fitting but thanks guys :)
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