Need help with intel X25-E SSD in sony sz 120 laptop

I purchased an Intel X25-E 64 Gig for use in my sony 120sz laptop which is approx 3 years old. Intel says it is compatible with laptops, but I have been unable to load windows XP. The original drive was a SATA. I took it to the laptop guy and they said it was a compatibility problem with the drive. Can anyone please help me with this problem
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  1. Did the laptop guy propose any solutions? The only one I've got is that you should try updating your laptop's BIOS, firemware, and chipset drivers, if at all possible.
  2. Yes I have tried to update the Bios, but the program crashes. I suggested to the laptop guy to try putting an old SATA drive in and updating the bios from it since the bios update program runs from within Windows. I did get it working at one point and I am using all of the latest drivers from Sony, but when I went to Windows update and loaded all of the updates it quit working and started booting into safe mode. Then when I tried to load Windows it just hangs during installation. The laptop guy seems to be baffled as well. Thanks for your suggestions.
  3. You may need to flash the drive to the latest firmware. If your laptop is 3 years old, chances are it isnt SATA II and wont be able to utilize the full ability of the x25-e. You also should do a clean install of windows and not the factory setting for the laptop, then install only necessary drivers. If updating windows crashes the drive, dont...unless you know what updates you are installing and that it is essentially important in your work and programs lots of updates are unnessary.
  4. Your Intel x25-E is worth updating your hardware. You should be enjoying the speed of the SSD instead of being stressed over the old Sony SZ. I have two Sony sz780 laptops and it is hard to let go. Have a OCZ PCIe SSD Z-Drive that cost $1,400 that forced us to change motherboards in our Server. Very stressfull and almost shut down the company, but incrediable now that we have the SSD speed.
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