Started upgrade...ended new build...

I recently decided to try and upgrade my system. During the process of searching for new parts and such, I decided that in the end I would spend about the same amount just building a new system. I'm new to the forum and just wanted some input.




Graphics Card:


Power Supply:


I'm hoping to start buying parts in the next week or so and purchasing the rest as I get the money. I'm considering getting a second 8800 in the near future for SLI. Also, I'm thinking I'll only get 2GB just to save costs so that I can get it up and running, then add on later. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Ok I would go with an E8400 CPU and a P35 MB.
    I know it only has two cores but compare it to you quad phnom and the E8400 wins easily.
  2. Or a Q6600 if you just have to have a quad
  3. Could go with cheaper RAM and a smaller power supply also.
  4. I'd stick with the PSU, since it has 4 x 6+2 pin PCI-e power connectors, so you'll be able to easily support SLI/Xfire. I'd also stay with the 1066 mHz DDR2 since it's what you need with the Phenom processor. You could just stick with an high end x2 instead of the Phenom, but that is up to you and what you intend on running on your system. The Intel setup will run faster, but won't have the options that you've selected for this AMD build.
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