Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Overclocking Help!!!

Hi, Im Kinda new to Overclocking and I Was intrested to Overclock My Cpu to 3.2Mhz.

Since I have a Maximus || Formula Motherboard, I figured Out it is easy to over clock it? But Since I want

To do it manually. I prefer Some Help From some Of the nerds In this forum.

So Lets Hold Hands And Help Out :sol: .

Thank Your for Your Help.

System Specs:
Maximus 2 Formula MotherBoard
Corsair Dominator DDR2 1066 2 x 2
Asus Hd 4870 1 Gig Dark Knight Video Card
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4
Xigmatek HDT - RS1283 Red Scorpion
Corsair 750 Watt Powersupply
X2 Western Digital SE16 Caviar 500 Gb
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  1. Hey deviling, welcome!

    If you're really serious about overclocking properly, I suggest you take the time to read the sticky posts in this section of the forum. Particularly:

    You'll also be surprised at how much information has been laid out by previous peeps' conversations. Good luck!
  2. I'm really Serious
  3. So are we. :) Once you go through the guides and get a general idea of what you need to do, ask questions and you will get all the help you need.

    But we expect you to do some of the work.

    Overclocking since 1978 - Z80 (TRS-80) from 1.77 MHz to 2.01 MHz
  4. 3.2MHz is not an overclock. It's an underclock. :) I know you mean 3.2GHz but could not pass it up. Start off by overclocking to 3GHz. that is 1333MHz FSB. Then increase it from there 100MHz.
  5. Ok Since I have a Maximus 2 Formula Mobo. It lets Me overclock it as easy as Pie. Its Overclocked to 3.0Mhz Stable, No Problem. But i would Like to go Further More.

    Any Ideas,
  6. increase your voltage on your CPU up one step till it is stable.
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