Sharing on Q9650 overclocking on Rampage Extreme

Hi all,

I would like to share experience on overclocking Q9650 on air and on Rampage Extreme motherboard from ASUS.

I have set on fully stable :

1/ BIOS settings :
BIOS Revision 0601 beta.
OC from Memory Level up : AUTO
FSB Frequency : 467
CPU Ratio Setting : 9
CPU Clock Skew : AUTO
NB Clock Skew : AUTO
FSB Strap to North bridge : AUTO
PCIE Frequency : 100
DRAM Frequency DDR3-1557MHz
DRAM Command rate : 2N
DRAM timing control : Manual
Cas#Latency [7 DRAM Clocks]
Ras# to Cas#Delay [7 DRAM Clocks]
Ras#RE Time [7 DRAM Clocks]
Ras#ACT Time [24 DRAM Clocks]
Voltage du CPU : 1,31875V
Load Line Calibration : AUTO
CPU PLL Voltage : 1,56406V
FSB Termination Voltage : 1,25916V
CPU GTL Vref (0) : +50mV
CPU GTL Vref (1) : +50mV
CPU GTL Vref (2) : +50mV
CPU GTL Vref (3) : +50mV
NB GTL Vref : +40mV
North Bridge Voltage : 1,49772V
DRAM Voltage : 1,90856V
South Bridge 1.5 Voltage : 1,60381V
South Bridge 1.05 Voltage : 1,10014V
CPU spread Spectrum : DISABLED
PCIE Spread Spectrum : DISABLED
C1E Support : DISABLED
Max CPU ID Value Limit : DISABLED
Vanderpool technology : ENABLED
Executable Disable bit : ENABLED
Core Multi-processing : ENABLED
Memory Remap Feature : DISABLED

2/ Stability :
- OCCT v2.0.1 : "Mixte" (2 hours), "RAM" (2 hours), "CPU" (2 hours).
=> Those 3 tests give no errors :

- Prime95 v25.9 build 1 : "Blend" (13 hours), "Small FFT s" (12 hours).
=> Both tests give no errors.

3/ Températures :

Tambient = 22°C
CPU Tcase Idle = 25°C
CPU Tcase Load 100% = 62°C
CPU Tcores Load 100% = 67°C
Vcore Load 100% = 1,32V

I hope it will help.

Thanks for your experience. :hello:
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  1. grabibus,

    Nice work! Thanks for sharing your settings and results.

    Comp :sol:
  2. wow comp's still around! long time no see.

    and i was thinking everyone had moved onto ^.^
  3. Computronik,

    Thanks !

    which settings do you have for your Q9650@4,2GHz ?

  4. I just wanted to stop bye and say thanks I have the same board/ cpu as you,. I have used these settings for a year strait with solid performance. I cant seem to go much higher than 475 fsb 4.29 ghz @ multi 9.. The vid on this cpu is .99 volt I think thats low for this chip which should indicate I have more head room.. I dont fully understand exactly what does what to what.. Dont get me wrong IM not a total noob but deffinitly not a clock master by any means.. In any case Im rambling, I just wanted to give a thanks for this excellent combination of settings that have worked so well for so long :)
  5. Crazy results! I can't go higher than 400 FSB.
  6. Isn't maximum voltage for DDR3 RAM 1.65 volts? If so, RAM voltage is much too high.
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