Ethernet Controller troubles

Hi everyone, I'm no stranger to Tom's Hardware, but I am brand new to the forums here. This is my first time posting, and I really need your help. Here's my story...

I reformatted my hard drive, and installed a slightly older copy of Windows XP Professional because I lost the original XP disk that I was given by the guys who built my pc. All my device drivers work fine, except my onboard ethernet controller. It's an Intel ProSet 1000 CT and when I install the drivers that I downloaded from, Windows recognizes the actual network card, but not the controller. Shouldn't the drivers install the ethernet controller and the card as well? Oh, also, my mobo is an Intel D865PERL... could I be using the wrong device drivers for a different mobo?

Please, any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: I am re-posting this in General Networking from it's original location WAN/LAN so that it will hopefully see better traffic.
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  1. Thank you, Sizro, but I don't think the drivers are the problem. I've already installed the drivers you linked, and they only activate the actual onboard network card, and not the ethernet controller along with it. After doing some more research, it seems I may have to replace my card or the entire board. As for the double post, I previously posted in WAN/LAN section, but there was little traffic there so I re-posted here in general. Thanks again!
  2. Totally didn't read that right the first time lol. Did you install the latest chipset drivers?
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