Not new, but possible upgrade... please help!

Hey all,

I've got my rig as listed in sig, Q6600 @ 3.0 with AF7pro, 8800gts 640, 2 x 1gb g.skill ddr2800 RAM in an Antec P180.

With the tax "stimulus" check expected to come out sometime this month... I'm thinking of using 3-400 for upgrades.

Here are my initial thoughts:

1. Getting 2nd 20" (1680x1050) monitor
2. Getting 4 or 8 gb ram and switching to 64bit OS
3. Getting new 750i mobo & a 2nd video card

Not real sure what to do I guess, was looking for tips and advice.

I really like the idea of dual monitors, but when I try it now with just the 8800 it was a little laggy trying to game & watch a movie. That's why I was thinking of a second video card...

I also love the idea of having lots of RAM... so the 64bit OS idea is appealing as well.

All I use my computer for is gaming and watching movies/anime... And sometimes photoshop cs2.

Let me know what you think of those 3 would be the best option, or if I could somehow accomplish 2 of the 3 with my intended budget...

Thanks in advance :D
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  1. 4GB of memory, 64bit OS, and 8800GTS G92.

    Or just the 8800GTS G92.
  2. even better, sell the 640mb 8800, get 4GB of memory and the 8800GTS G92 and keep the OS you already have.
  3. Hmm... I can get 4gb by just grabbing another 2x1 for like $35...

    How much are the g92's now? Maybe around 170? so slightly over 200 for cost, and then add the cost of a 64bit os? sounds like I could get out of it for 350 or so?

    Would the G92 power 2 x 20" LCD's though? (noticeably better than my current card?)
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