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Hi, gonna bite the bullet and build my 1st system. Mostly I just surf the net, as for gaming, not a hardcore gamer, but love to play World of Warcraft. My current computer gives me anywhere from 4-20 fps, hence why I want a "better" system. I also burn a few dvd's here and there from my camera. What I am looking at is :






Now, eventually I want to upgrade to the phenom processors, run a crossfire setup with 3870 or 3870x2's, bump the ram to 4 gigs, install a 2nd Dvd burner(maybe even a blu-ray if the prices drop by then). Not necessarily in that order. Any pros/cons to what I propose? Any and all feedback is appreciated.
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  1. RAM,DVD, HDD are good choices.

    Consider this:
    P35-DS3L $90
    E2160/2180 OCed easily beat most X2 CPUs $70
    8800GS $99 after MIR; link http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130333&nm_mc=OTC-RSS&cm_mmc=OTC-RSS-_-Desktop+Graphics+%2f+Video+Cards-_-EVGA-_-N82E16814130333

    Also don't forget good PSU, case, etc.
  2. Shadow does have some good points, but if you want to upgrade to Phenom later than your going in the right direction. The Intel builds are going to be a bit faster (mainly because the CPU's can be OC'd quite a bit) but it'll probably cost you a bit more too (depending on your setup).

    What is your budget for this build? Are you bringing/transferring over any parts from your existing build? Is your budget including all parts and OS?
  3. it seems as a good built, but i will agree with shadow and iunyone, at this poing intel does have somewhat faster processors.
    But if you dont have a big budget this will work fine. depends on what you want to use it for.
  4. Agreed.
  5. The main reason for wanting to upgrade is the low frame rates I get in WoW. The Dell Dimension 2200(quit laughing, I know), just doesn't cut it. I transfer video from my camera of my son's wrestling tourneys to computer to put on dvd, again the dell is somewhat slow at this. Initially I'm trying to stay around the $500 range, I have a Z-Alien case I picked up for $30. Transferring files from my old HD to the new one, but that is all that is coming from the dell. That being said, after my initial outlay, I foresee getting the 2nd DVD burner and another 2 gigs of ram. A few months later, hopefully around Oct-Nov, the phenom processor and a better graphics card(the 3870). Then finally, the 2nd 3870 for the crossfire setup at which point I "may" explore other games. Somewhere in the midst, I will upgrade the power supply.
  6. I have a E2160 at 3.0GHz rock solid. Paid 80 bucks and you can't beat this price/performance. You still have upgradability to the newr q9xxx.
    I would definitely bleed the most on your GFX card. 8800gs is a good choice, unless you're up for a 9600GT/HD3870 . Can't recommend going multi GFX, not very good price/performance, and a higher power draw.

    If you really wanna show some AMD love through the hard times, it shouldn't let you down unless you wanna OC. Nothing against this idea, I just don't think it's the best bang for the buck.

    Also, technology moves too fast, building a system for an upgrade seems risky. Radeon 4K series are coming, might change the scene. AMD seems to value backward compatibility, but you may miss some features and be left with that feeling of unfulfillment. =)

    Ram is surely welcome, since vista's readyboost will eat every single megabyte anyway.
  7. Do you Overclock? If you don't OC then the AMD chip will be the better deal. the 2xxx Intels are great if you crank them up, otherwise they are sorta Blah!. Pretty much AMD stock vs stock is better than Intel until you get to the e6xxx Intel chips, then they beat out the AMD's. That is why many of the OCers are getting lowend intels and cranking the crap out of them, they OC very well. It's up to you which you want to go for.

    As far as Video cards? why the 2600PRO? why not pay the extra $80-$90 for the 3870 right off the bat? it seems like a waste to me cause you won't be able to sell that 2600pro for anything when you are ready to pony up to something different.
  8. ^Agreed on the GPU.
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