What's the best video card option for this system?

CoolerMaster-690 case, CoolerMaster Real-Power-Pro 750 psu, Asus Maximus Formula motherboard, Intel Q9450 cpu, G.Skill 2x2 gb 1066 ram, 2 Pioneer Black dvd burners, 500 gb SATA Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm.......Any ideas on what the best card is for this rig?
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  1. Cash?
  2. Best single gaming card for it is the dual GPU 9800GX2. If that is too expensive an 8800GTS 512MB would be nice too. You could also look into the AMD HD3870X2 or Crossfire.
  3. I'd like to stay under $300 if possible....
  4. I take it you are gaming? 8800GTS 512MB would get my vote because it's not far behind the 9800GTX but cost alot less.
    $177 after rebate for the ecs, or $200-230 AR with a game for other brands:
  5. 8800GTS(G92)512MB!
    *Smacks the table!*
    That's your card HYDRO-MANNN!!!
  6. +1 on the 8800GTS 512, or SLI 9600GTs if you so desire (and run at higher resolutions/eye candy levels to take advantage of such power).
  7. Dont forget thought that ATi is coming out with its 4800 cards in less then a month and nvidia will follow and these cards will be faster then current cards for sure .. and prices for the 4800 are suppose to be around $350. I had a Asus 1950 pro and upgraded to an evga 8800GT (got it for $150 Canadian ) if i had known this at the time i would have waited. Just something to think about !!
  8. The mobo is X38, so no SLI unless it's the overpriced 9800GX2.
  9. Is he gaming or editing MS Word documents or virtualizing? Yeah, that 8800's gonna cut through some MS Word docs alright!!!
  10. i would get a 88000gts or 9800gtx. the 9800gx2 sucks i have it and its really not worth $500+ luckily i bought a bfg and they have 100 step up.
  11. Get something cheap (like my X1550 for $20) then upgrade in a months time.
  12. Bah, hold off till some S3 Chrome 430s are in stock. ;)
  13. 8800gts or HD4800
  14. Thanks for all the replies! I'll be using it strictly for gaming. If I go with the 8800 GTS, is there a specific brand I should go with, or one I should avoid?
  15. Go with EVGA, if 9900GTS/GTX is everything everyone is assuming it will be, you'll want to use the EVGA step-up program when it comes out. Aside from that it has a double-lifetime guarantee. Can't go wrong with them. XFX is also a decent choice.
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