What motherboards support SLI

Does the Asus Rampage Formula support SLI. I have heard it supports CrossFire so surely it would support SLI. Does the chipset have to be nvidia for the motherboard to support SLI?

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  1. Only nVidia chipsets support SLI, period.
  2. As far as chipsets are concerned:
    Intel suports SLI mainly with 680i, 750i and 780i chipsets.
    AMD supports SLi with certain chipsets 570, 590, 750a, 780a and a few more.
  3. Only nVidia chipsets support SLI. They are available in Intel and AMD flavors, and only using nVidia Graphics Cards.

    If you are loosely defining "SLI" as "The ability to run a Dual Card/Single Output setup", then the ATI version is called Crossfire, is available on Intel and AMD chipsets, and uses ATI graphics cards.
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Motherboards Support SLI