High-Pitched Noise from 8800 GTX

I recently built my new computer but i'm having a problem with stopping a noise that i think is coming from both of my BFG 8800 GTX OC cards. It only seems to happen everytime my computer is powered off.

- bios updated
- chipset drivers updated
- graphics card drivers updated

please help me with this promlem

here is my specs if needed

CM stacker 830 SE
Vista 32 premium
xfx 780i motherboard
intel quad core 6600
duel bfg 8800 gtx oc SLI
x-fi extreme gamer fatality
haugpauge tv tuner
6 fan, fan controller
corsair 1000w power supply
corsair 4GB ram
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  1. Seems odd...you made sure it's not the PSU?
  2. Yes i double checked all the rails voltages in the bios, all were running at what they were suppost to.

    What i have read was it might be something to do with the power for the video cards are getting cut off before the motherboard does triggering the "low power alarm built into the cards... I'm not sure what the alarm is suppost to sound like but i will try and record a video with my digital camera that has sound recording. That way you can hear what i'm hearing and it may help with fixing the problem...

    It would be nice if there was an option for the cards to turn off alarms like that... not sure if that's something that might be built into the drivers now or in the future...
  3. ok here is the link to my youtube video of it ...


    Please help me figure out my problem
  4. Ha,

    Mine does the same thing, never figured if it was the vid or the 680i motherboard.

    It is the low power alarm for the cards, as they run for a nano or two longer than the MB does.

    Been doing it for 2 years now........
  5. wow two years and nvidia has come up with a fix for it yet? wouldnt it be possible for them to allwo the option to disable the alarm with adrivers release?
  6. wow thats cool, I wish my comp went 'pinggg' when I shut it off. :D

    but yeah, that really is the low power warning. not sure why it triggers on shutdown, maybe the mobo doesnt tell the cards to shutdown before the power goes out... nice fade out though :P
  7. i managed to fix the problem... what i did differently is connect the first video card to 12v1 on the power supply, and used the built in pri-e lines from the power supply for the second one. I also used the modular connect for the CPU power connector instead of the built in one.

    Only problem i'm having now is my Haugpaugge tv tuner x1 card is making a noise on shutdown ... not sure why it is though. It doesnt have a power connector that i know of, i assume it's powered by the motherboard via the pci slot... Is there maybe a setting in the bios that i need to switch ?
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