8800GT-OC and 8800GTX

The benchmarks over at thg show that the GT-OC (512) beats the GTX (768) in most benchies, and is equal in some:

8800GT-OC Edition:
Memory Amount: 512MB
Memory Interface: 256-bit
Core Clock (MHz): 660
Shader Clock (MHz): 1650
Memory Clock (MHz): 1900
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec): 57.6
Fill Rate (Billion pixels/sec): 33.6

Memory Amount: 768MB
Memory Interface: 384-bit
Core Clock (MHz): 575
Memory Clock (MHz): 1800
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec): 86.4
Fill Rate (Billion pixels/sec): 36.8

Gaming Resolution: 1280x1024
SLI Option: Nil, no plans in the near future aswell

Question: Will the 8800GT-OC be a long run solution, or will the 8800gtx last out more with better performance over time? Since the 9800GT will that make a difference?

What do you suggest i buy? The cheaper 8800gt-OC or the Slightly more expensoive but top notch 8800GTX ??
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  1. The 8800GTX is more powerfull exp. at higher resoulutions.
    It is also much more expensive and power hungry.

    If you are gaming at 1280x1024, the GT is more than enough power for you.
    You would probably be just fine with a 9600GT even.

    If you want a long term solution, wait a few weeks until the 4xxx series come out.
    nVidia should release their new cards not much later than that.
  2. http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=2196&page=1

    Another Review that seconds the statement: GT-OC is almost equal to gtx...
  3. Damn.. one mor thing.. can a PCIE2 card run on a PCIE1.0a compliant slot?! Coz ive tried 8800gtx on my mobo.. it turs out its pcie1... and 8800gt is pcie2.0 :S

    Please Help?! I plan to get the GT-OC after reading all the reviews! :cry:
  4. First of all PCI-E 2.0 is backward compatible with PCI-E 1.0
    also u may see some benchs that an OCd 8800GT beats the 8800GTX but not always because :

    In high resolutions with some AA and AF 8800GTX wins because of more memory,more stream processors and 384bit

    8800GT(even non OCd_ performs near the 8800GTX in most cases but if u see the benchmarks of high resolutions u will see that where the extra memory of 8800GTX helps :


    Of course, there are exceptions to this, and people who own 30" displays and have deep pockets will still want the best of the best in their boxes, which means the 8800 GTX/Ultra SLI setup that will be necessary to get the most out of Crysis when the game finally makes its way on to shelves this fall. NVIDIA still owns the high end market, and while it's not for everyone, it is there for those who need it.


    1920x1200 with 4xAA:

    Its even the same for 8800GTS 512 :
    From hothardware:
    It is little difficult to summarize the new GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB card’s performance. In games or benchmarks where fillrate and shader performance are the limiting factors, these new cards are excellent performers and can outpace even a GeForce 8800 GTX. But in situations where memory bandwidth and frame buffer size are more important, like say at high resolutions with anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering enabled, the GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB can’t quite keep up with the more expensive GTX due to its narrower memory bus and smaller frame buffer. Generally speaking though, the GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB’s performance is better than the original 640MB GTS and the relatively new 8800 GT and on-par with the GeForce 8800 GTX at lower resolutions. Crank up the resolutions, however, and the GTX (or Ultra) is still the king of the hill.

    SO,it depends on the resolution that u play
    8800GT 512 is a solid card for its $ but the 8800GTX has also dropped price alot,making it a good considerable option
  5. Ummm, i kinda read that before ... thats why i wrote my gaming resolution (teeny weeny line near the end of my fist post :) )

    Anyways, Because of the higher fillrates / bw's it definitely takes the lead, however, since i cant play on anything greater than 1280x1024 .. so the question.

    PCIe 2.0 and 1.0a have strange compatibilities, as far as ive read. they ought to be compatible as per the specificatipon.. however, some manufacturers dont actually comply to that :( (asus is one of the major culprits in that case.. searches reveal);

    So , guess ill buy the gt and test it... lets hope it all goes well, inshaAllah.

    PS: im from pakistan :D, nice to know u maziar :p
  6. Yes but you can overclock a gtx too, so it will beat the gt in practically everything, especially when filters are turned up. Getting a factory overclocked gt is pointless when you can get an 8800gts 512mb for near the same price. Just oc an 8800gts 512mb yourself and it will consistently beat the gtx at your res.
  7. Hey, let me put in my 2 cents before you buy that GT.
    You can buy a GTS (G92) for around $170.
    The GTS has 128 stream processors to the GT's 112.
    The GTS has much better cooling than the GT.
    My BFG 8800gts 512 OC came stock at 675, it will easily clock to 775 without ANY problems, heat or otherwise. I haven't tried more as I simply don't need it, but I have seen many people running them at 825.

    For your resolution you may not need it, but what the hey, for the $$$$ it's better to have some power in reserve than just enough I always say.
  8. If you go for the 8800GT, get one with a better than stock cooler. MSI has one, and I know others do as well. THey usually come OCed pretty well to. THe 8800GTS is a good choice as well. The 8800GTX is old tech, STILL a fabulous card if you already have it. IT sucks way more power than the new g92 GPU's and it's not worth it.

    At 1280x1024, just get a good 8800GT/GTS. You will be set for a WHILE!
  9. Sorry i didnt see that u have mentioned your resolution :d
    For 1280x1024, definitely go for 8800GT instead (for resolution higher than 1600x1200 i would have recommended the GTX too)
  10. Benchmark comparing 8800gtx, 8800gts, and 8800gt. All at stock.

    Don't get factory oc version if you need to pay more for it. Factory oc is as good as do-it-yourself oc. If it doesn't come with extras, like aftermarket heatsink, factory oc will only decrease headroom for further oc. It's worthless.
  11. MAGIC WORD = G92
    the old G80 GTX of course is gonna have probs competing with the new G92.
  12. In my opinion, there is absolutely no reason to get the 8800GTX over the 8800GT, 8800GTS 512, or the 9800GTX which is more powerful, yet less expensive. (Unless you want to SLI) Besides, the 8800GTX is old(er) G80 tech. Why pay $350 for an old, power hungry card that in some cases doesn't perform as well as a $220 modern 8800GTS G92? You decide :). The 8800GT will probably be the best way to go for you @ 1280x1024, there is no such thing as "too much power"! Especially when you can get one for $150 AR. It's a steal. Good luck :D
  13. dagger said:
    Benchmark comparing 8800gtx, 8800gts, and 8800gt. All at stock.

    Don't get factory oc version if you need to pay more for it. Factory oc is as good as do-it-yourself oc. If it doesn't come with extras, like aftermarket heatsink, factory oc will only decrease headroom for further oc. It's worthless.

    In a lot of cases, you are right. But keep in mind:

    1. A lot of us poor kids are squemish overclocking. If you only have to pay $10 more to get a solid overclock and a lifetime warranty, happy day. Especially when you don't upgrade as much as enthusiasts do. Sure the likelyhood of actually breaking the card from OC'ing (if you do it right) are minimal. But it's just nice to know that if it does break, you're covered.

    2. Some companies use better chips in their factory overclockers, as they will be less likely to fry, meaning that you might have just as much headroom in the future. I'm not sure if they still do this though.

    Also, that graph is a 3D mark graph. 3DMark is heavily optimized for everything. Old technology, and new. Even my 7900GS performs nicely in 3DMark (In comparison to 8600GTS, 8600GT GDDR3, etc) but gets killed in modern games. I looked at some gaming benchmarks/reviews the other day, and the 8800GTS 512 outperforms the 8800GTX at even higher resolutions most of the time.
  14. The factory oc is tiny in comparasion to typical home user oc. A 50mhz
    oc bears absolutely no risk whatsoever. If you're "squemish," just oc
    that same 50mhz and not further. The fears are unfounded though.

    All chips are exactly the same, no exceptions. Nvidia makes their gpu,
    sell it to different companies, who use the same already made chip on
    the same required board layout. It's not much more than a matter of
    putting on labels. Those "manufacturers" don't actually "manufacture"
    the chips.

    Of course 7900gs, a high end model (900) of the 7s generation would
    outperform 8600, a mid level model (600) of the next 8s generation.
    It's to be expected. Besides, 8600 performed poorly against the same
    generation, compared to typical 600s performance. All games are
    different, 3dmark is good as a general guide.

    The 8800gts 512's average performance in real games ranked about the
    same as in 3dmark. There are game benchmarks too for comparasion:

  15. Well, to conclude at my part, i put away the decision to get me a new card till end of this year, reason being as follows:

    1) The 9800's are due, and there will be new stuff to see then.
    2) I got me 2g ram, and a athlonx2 3800+ (from 1g / 3500+ single core). And surprisingly, the affect on my gaming was astounding! I mean the same old 7900gt, which ran assasins creed at med settings 800x600 (OC;ed to 525/800 frm 450/650).. gave me 25-30fps in 1280x1024-maxed settings ! I knew there was more juice left in the card!

    Sooo, u see, i plan to draw more from my current system., till dec or so... Then i plan to upgrade completely.. (besides, the new c2q's will be out by then also!).. OR the phenom with new steppings and benchies :p

    and now to get back to the topic:

    the g92 is better @ temperature handling, runs cooler. Thats one reason. Other than that, wont the gtx be a better bargain as compared to the gts? I mean, HOW much a difference can a one-model old Ultra-high-end card suffer from a new card (the competition is gtx - gtx .. not gtx - gts/gt .. imho)?!
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