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hi all i have just made a new pc specs are
m/b p5q delux
intel q6600
4 gig corsair dominator 8500
arctic cooling freezer xtreme
be quite dark power pro 650
hd 4850 512 mb

ok i have just adjusted the fsb to 333 and achieved a 3gig o/c even though that is my first time ever overclocking but would like to raise it to 3.6gig plus also have the ram running at 1066mhz
could any of you give me step by step settings
many thanx in advance
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  1. Read the sticky in the CPU section of OC.
  2. Google is your friend!
  3. thanx guys have got a 3gig oc by changing fsb thats running stable having dropped the voltage to 1.25 volts also after 8hrs prime95 is only showing 61c so think i wil stop at that for a minuit
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