is the qx9650 processor compatable with the msi p6n sli mainboard?

is the intel qx9650 yorkfeild processor compatable with the msi p6n sli platinum?

the manual that came with the mother board says yes, newegg says yes. but the msi website says no.

this is why i ask,
after installing windows xp pro 64 bit on to the system, i couldnt get online. so i popped the msi drivers and utilities disc into the bay and it gave me an error. saying its not compatable with my os.

the board, processor and all "must-be-compatable" componets, are compatable with eachother(or they are suppose to be) and the 64 bit xp os i bought.

there is only one thing i made a mistake on, and it may or maynot have an effect on it. i bought the oem version of the os by mistake.
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  1. 64-bit Win XP (unlike 32-bit Win XP) is often not well-supported with drivers, etc. Try downloading and burning a CD of the latest Ubuntu version, then booting from that CD. Ubuntu will run as a "live" version, running off the CD, without modifying your hard disk. If that works and allows you to access the internet, you can rule out a hardware problem; similarly, if you have a copy of 32-bit Win XP you can install, and things work with that, you'll know it's not a hardware issue.

    You say that newegg and the manual say the QX9650 WILL work on your MB -- do they actually specify the QX9650 or just talk about 1333MHz CPUs? Not all 1333MHz FSB CPUs are the same.

    Looking at the MSI website, it looks like the higher-power 45nm CPUs, including the qx9650, definitely will NOT work with your MB. Since the 650i-chipset-based MBs are not high-end boards, my guess is just that the power circuitry isn't heavy-duty enough for the higher-end CPUs. This would also suggest that OCing the lower-power CPUs may not work.
  2. hey i noticed there's an update to msi bios. has anyone accomplished using a qx9650 with a p6n sli 650i?
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