HDD Configuration 10,000 RPM

Hi all,

I have got 2 HDD's:

1st : Raptor 10,000 RPM [150 GB]
2nd: Barracuda 7200.12 [500 GB]

I need to configure one drive as C drive on which i'll install windows & other one for data files. Now my ques are:

Que1: Which drive shud I have as my C drive, 1st or 2nd, so that my applications like 'After Effects' can run faster ?

Que2: What will be the best way to partition the drives for assigining Xp page files, applications, widows & data files ? What partition shud be assigned for what ?

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  1. use the whole raptor drive for the OS and games that you want good load times and use the 500GB drive for apps and data (as well as games that you don't care about loading the maps quicker)
  2. Use the Raptor for the OS, games and software and the segate as storage for all your media and working files.
    You do not have wory to much about splitting the volumes as it will have little effect on your performance.
    If you still want to, however, read through the following post for suggestions on diffrent partitions.
  3. Personally: I'd bin the (old tech) Raptor and just use the 7200.12...
  4. Use raptor for OS and Baraccuda for games and applications as it contains more space.
  5. Wud it be good idea to replace barracuda too with another raptor ?
  6. No, it would just be a waste of cash.
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