SP1 causing ntoskrnl corruption

I started a thread awhile ago when I started having computer problems. However that thread is no longer valid because it was dealing with 2 problems. The first was a HDD problem and the second is this vista service pack problem previously I thought they were related but I grabbed a new disk and reinstalled vista on it.

Here is the problem:

Reformatted, reinstalled Vista. All was running fine until getting to SP1. It goes through the whole process gets to stage 3 of 3 100% Complete....

hangs for a bit

then says service pack not installed reverting changes.

It is after this that the computer restarts and then says that it has corrupted ntoskrnl.exe


Status: 0xc0000098

Info: Windows failed to load because a required file is missing or corrupt.

So, I went on the internet, searched tried finding and replacing files, on and on. Nothing was working. So I said let me reinstall and this time install every update in blocks of five from each year because maybe I had downloaded something or didnt download and update something which caused the problem.

So I went and reinstalled windows, and installed updates sequentially. It worked for three days as I went through just installing updates. The computer was not used other than installing updates.

Finally got to SP1, and the same thing happened. NTOSKRNL.EXE

What can I do? What is wrong?

I am so at a loss.

The computer runs fine it seems like something during the reverting of SP1 is causing this problem.

PPlease help!!!
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  1. The first thing I would do is run memtest86+ on your system. However, the most common cause for service pack failures is malware infestation. A gold copy of XP, left on the Internet, can be compromised within minutes, and I wouldn't expect a gold copy of Vista to last much longer.

    So since you're not very far along in the process, here is what I would recommend:

    * Download these two files and burn them to a DVD, or put them on a flash drive and
    * Physically remove the network cable from your computer
    * Format the drive again, and reinstall Vista
    * Pop in the DVD you burned, or flash drive you put the above two files on, and install SP1, reboot, install SP2, reboot
    * Reconnect your network cable
    * Install any post-SP2 updates

    Alternately, you can learn how to make slipstreamed installed DVDs and save a little time. I also like to use any remaining space to make sure there's a copy of an AV program installer, maybe the drivers I may need, that sort of thing. So I can be up and going with a reasonable amount of protection before I ever connect the network cable.
  2. ok, wait so I can just download the service packs and install them without doing all the other updates?

    oh my god that will save some time......

    alright, thanks for the help, I will let you know what happens.

    A few more questions:
    I am using my laptop to do research on the problem while doing updates on my desktop. My antivirus (norton) comes from comcast. But I cant use it until sp1 has been installed. So I could theoretically disconnect my router from the internet after downloading the SPacks and Norton. Drop them onto my desktop update and once its up and running connect to the internet.

    Or in the event that I need other drivers or whatever, I disconnect the desktop from router and reconnect the router back to internet and download them on desktop, rinse repeat as needed?

    I will let you know what I find.

    Thanks for the help
  3. Yes. You could grab the Norton installer from Comcast's site, throw that on the same DVD or flash drive (or whatever works for you) that you put the service packs on. So then you can have at least SP2 and some nominal AV protection going before you connect the network cable and expose the computer to the Internet.

    However, once you have SP2 and all the post-SP2 updates installed, you can worry about drivers, and by that point it should be fine to download them on your desktop. Just do not, under any circumstance, accept drivers from Windows Update. Otherwise you could very well find yourself repeating the format and reinstall process again.
  4. drivers from windows update?

    I never knew you could download drivers from windows update. How do you know if windows update is offering a driver? Does it look different? Categorized differently? or do you have to look at info to see if the update is a driver update?

    Hey thanks for all the help. I really hope this solves the problem....
  5. Drivers from Windows Update are typically under the "Others" or "Optional" downloads. For right now though, focus on getting SP2 and the rest of the security updates installed. So if it's not under the "Important" section in Windows Update, ignore it for the time being.
  6. downloading now Ill let you know what the results are
  7. same thing happens.

    gets to 100% hangs, then reverts, restarts and missing ntoskrnl.exe
  8. Have you tried running memtest86+ to see if your RAM is bad?
  9. hey thanks for the reply.

    I ran a western digital hard drive test on my drives. The first one I tried was bad, which is how these problems first started. The second one is good, which is also the one I have been currently trying to get Vista to upgrade PAST sp1.

    So nothing really new there. The hard drive i thought was bad is and the other is good.

    Then I ran memtest86 and it ran and ran for a few hours with no issues, I finally stopped the test after 5 passes with no errors mind you.

    After finishing the memtest I noticed a whole bunch of settings and stuff, so I just ran whatever was default. Is there a specific test I should be running, or a few tests I should run?

    Lastly I have an odd theory that doesnt really make sense to me but in my untrained eye this is the conclusion I am jumping too.

    My computer is a Dell from 07 I believe. Now when I first started having problems I reformatted and reinstalled vista on my (unbeknownst to me) failing hard drive. It was perfect, got all the updates done, installed SP1 no problems installed SP2 no problems. Then started putting all my programs on the machine. After three days it crashed again, and... thats when I figured it had to be that hard drive. Which I might ad is the hard drive that came with the DELL,

    Which coincidentally has the factory image on it, which also has the recovery disk on it (or there is a partition with a recovery set on it).

    Now then, I take one of my backups and decide to use it as my main OS. Ever since doing that, Vista updates only to SP1 and fails.

    And the failure happens after the updates says 100% complete.... it hangs, then says didnt install properly, then reverts, which once it restarts NTOSKRNL.exe missing or corrupt.

    So while testing my hard drives I put my old hard drive back in to test it which it failed, giving me the ultimate confirmation of what I already knew, but then I saw the recovery disk sitting there.

    Now when SP1 installs, maybe it replaces some files, and looks for them in the backup or recovery partition, and when it cant find them, it trys to revert but cant do it.

    or maybe it cant updates SP1 because a Dell file is missing

    or is vista somehow tied to the main harddrive? I think that cant be the case, since people have to change out hard drives all the time, what makes mroe sense is that it is tied to the CPU, but then again I dont know. So I figured Id ask, id put out all these conspiracy theories and maybe that will help you or someone else who sees this post into the correct answer.
  10. I was also thinking about the factory image, is there a file in there that is causing me the inability to move past sp1 maybe because it thinks my OS isnt really my OS?
  11. anyone have any thoughts, its been three weeks or more without a computer trying to figure this problem out. So any ideas, any help, anything would be appreciated.
  12. well looks like everyone here is out of ideas too.... well that makes two of us.

    After hundreds of threads and posts, and similar error reading I have decided that this is a Dell problem.

    The more I read it seems that Dells reinstalling a fresh OS have this problem, not sure if its a specific time period, just vista dells, or the dimension line, think mine is a 9200. Anyway, another night of updating and testing and nothing new to report other than it is extremely frustrating.

    Any thoughts, or ideas, let me know. Or if you think I am incorrect in my assumptions even... anything! Just let me know what you think....
  13. *previous post got erased somehow*

    Just so that I can keep tabs on my progress in the event I or someone else comes up with the answer.

    Computer has fresh install yet again.
    wrote zeros to the hard drive to make it factory new (or at least I think thats what this does)

    All updates I am getting are from my laptop downloading, and then bringing it over to the desktop so as not to connect to the internet.

    Currently updating all my drivers
    installing dell support center

    installed microsoft update readiness tool

    Computer has been on and working for three days without a problem.
    Tonight I will install SP1 and watch it blow the computer up again, and then I will start this process all over again.....

  14. Hi bhrandon,
    I'm having the same trouble as you. Have you figured out the solution? Did you finally get sp1 to install?
  15. schilliard said:
    Hi bhrandon,
    I'm having the same trouble as you. Have you figured out the solution? Did you finally get sp1 to install?

    I think we can assume from the fact that the didn't post back that all is well for him now. I'm closing this old thread now but you can still read and try the suggestions in it, but please start a new one of your own if you still need to.
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