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I recently had a problem with Window hanging up when it boots up. I installed the system disk and performed an XP repair. When the repair finished and began to reboot I got the above message. I can install the system disk and allow the computer to bypass the cd message "press enter to install from cd" and the computer boots up with no problem. Now, I have the Asus AMD A8N Deluxe mobo. I am using a 1Terabite Sata Seagate HD (no raid). I have looked at the sata port to make sure the connections are intact. Up till now, I have not tried to use one of the other Sata ports to boot up the HD from. I'm beginning to think this is a mobo issue, perhaps the bios. The hard drive is less the 3 months old and there have been other issues such as a program hanging up or taking to long to boot up. I have problems with the sound making noise when the computer has shutdown. The sound went bad in the motherboard and I purchased a Creative Blaster card and this sound problem I have is identical to the original sound problem I had with the motherboard sound driver before it went bad. This could be just a coincidence. Any suggestions or ideas on the "Boot Failure" problem.
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  1. Is that drive selected to be the boot drive in the BIOS, and is a hard drive selected to boot the computer? (many BIOS routines support selecting which one of more than one hard drive is the boot hard drive, and then to have a hard drive (previously selected) do the booting rather than a CD ROM or other device, must also be selected). If your BIOS supports "boot other device" it is wise to make this entry "enabled."
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    Once you set the BIOS to perform the repair install off the XP disc, did you change it back to boot off the hard drive first? The hard drive should be the first boot device.
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