After plugging hdmi and removing it my computer has no sound

The other night when I first used HDMI cable for my Sony Viao Laptop with windows vista , to hook up to my lcd tv , the sound and video worked fine through the hdmi, after removing the hdmi the sound driver on my laptop wasn't recognized on my laptop / have a realtek sound driver - anyone know how I can restore sound to my laptop !!
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  1. Go to hardware and sound and check your sound default settings,under manage sound devices.
  2. I know this is kind of old, but I had a similar problem and the only thing that worked for me was going to the Sound menu that's displayed (from Control Panel), right clicking Speakers, then clicking Properties, then the Enhancements tab, then clicking "disable all enhancements".

    Even though none of them were actually enabled or anything, when disable is activated, my speakers work. When it's not, my speakers stop working. I'd like to know why this non-sense fix works, but for anyone whos tried everything else, try that.
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