evga 790i ultra and xhd3000

anyone with the 790i ultra have sound problems? i can't get my evga 790i ultra to play nice with my xhd3000 from gateway at all. the monitor speaker bar makes sound when it turns itself on, so i know it's working. but i can't get any audio working on it from the computer.

thanks for any help.
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  1. Had similar issues with my Gigabyte 790FX onboard sound (most likley Vista drivers at fault tho). I just bought a newer sound card (diamond has decent drivers for Vista 64). So first check for any updated drivers, if you still get nothing try a sound card (even a cheap one is better than onboard).
  2. that's a possibility, but i'm hoping for a cheaper one until i get my home theater setup back out of the garage. just going to be running the speaker bar for right now and i really don't want to blow 150-200 on a nice x-fi vista card for the speaker bar.
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