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Hello can anyone help me? I have a Dell E1505 and I begun to get messages that my battery was beyond its usable life. I purchased a new battery through Dell for $165.00 now my computer won't start with the on/off switch with the battery in. I can take the battery out and hold the F8 button down which take me to a screen where I am able to reboot as long as I hold the F8 button down, then my windows xp opens, however, If I push the off switch the computer will shut down then a gray screen that states Media Direct appears (comes on by its self) and then the computer goes to a blue screen. I can push the off button again and again it starts by its self but won't start at all with the new battery. After I go through the reboot process again I can place the battery in and the computer continues to run until I shut it off, but then it won't start with the battery again. Can anyone help
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  1. Put the battery back in and let it charge overnight (with the computer off). If it's still hot in the morning, keep charging it.
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