Core i7 920 overclocked to 4.66 with vlot 1.45 on air !!!

hello ,
i saw amazing interesting overclocking record today for japanes guy overclocked the core i7 920 to 4661.85 with vlot 1.45 beside air cooling too :ange: :ange: :ange:

i still cant believe thing, i wish to able to got the overclocking data soon to try it , but do u think is it possible to got 4661.85 gh with low volt like 1.45 in the air cooling too ?????? !!!!!!!! :ange: :ange: :ange:

it look like a dream ,lool

here is the record link
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  1. wow that's low volts... and i thought mine was good i did on TRUE 120 AIR with i7 920

    @4610mhz super pi 32m stable at 1.600v vcore
    @4652mhz super pi 32m stable at 1.616v vcore
    @4769mhz max cpuz validation at 1.616v vcore - entry on
  2. cool ,that is very nice work too :)

    but can we contact the owner bubb for sharing the overclocking info to got 4661.85 gh in vlot 1.45 ????????????

    i cant imagine how it done because it is will be more and more stable , i wish to got the overclocking data , it will be so great
  3. no idea how to contact that owner but there does exist such cpus, intel demo'd a i7 965 doing 4.8ghz on air with stock volts before!
  4. ya there is exist for i7 965 in volts like that , but i didnt see any overclock for i7 920 doing 4.66 in low volt like 1.45 on air

    eva2000 , every body knows that u have a great history in the overclocking records .

    u will be able to make the 4.66 on low volt like 1.45 if u want to

    so please try to make it for us, because i guess in low volt like that beside on air it gonna be the best overclock for 17 920 :)
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