Really screwed up my computer! I made guest the admin

ok here's what happened. at some point i made my guest an admin because my main user/account got a virus. and i thought if i make my guest admin and i never use it, it should be safe from hackers. than who knows when i realized that i can't change the admin on neither guest or my main user/account. and i think it might be a virus. i tried my built-in admin my access was denied. let's say i tried everything you might suggest because i went to multiply websites already and got the same answers, with no success. i can't access the built-in admin or system restore. or install anything. but i think it might be a virus because only recently has it removed my ability to install things. the last thing i downloaded was GTA San Andreas off pirate bay and ever since then i couldnt download anything from there now. i think it might just be 2 different issues that really messed my computer up. 1 issue being i cant download anything due to the virus. and the other issue being that i cant system restore and all my windows options cant be done because of my guest is the admin issue. my only thought is to find a reboot disk for vista which i do not have.... so i was wondering i remember having a virus and following a guide that used a program that system restored my computer without using the windows system restore or maybe i'm mistaken. but is there another way to restore my computer besides the disk
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  1. the last thing i downloaded was GTA San Andreas off pirate bay < this forum doesn't provide support for piracy and we don't provide support to bypass accounts.Sorry.
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