How to overclock Intel Core 2 Duo E6300

Hi there,

First of all, i am really new to overclocking so sorry if i ask stupid questions..

Since a few weeks i want to upgrade my pc with a new CPU because i really have the idea that it's the bottleneck of my PC, but since a few days i have read some articles about overclocking and about how suitable the Intel Core 2 Duo is for this. Only problem is that i can't really find what configuration i could safely use in my PC. I have the following hardware:

Motherboard: MSI P965 NEO-F
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 2x 1,86 GHz
Memory: 2x 1024MB Nanya Elixer DDR2/800 Dimm
Graphics: ATI Radeon X1950XTX 512MB DDR4
Powersupply: CoolerMaster 430W

Can anyone plz tell me how much i can overclock my CPU safely and which settings i have to change in the BIOS?
All help is much appreciated.

Thnx in advance..
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  1. Do a little research, read the OC guides, then ask questions. We will be glad to help, but most of us expect you to try to do something first.
  2. OK. That sounded a little abrupt. But our goal is to give you a fishing pole and teach you to fish, not simply give you a fish.
  3. no problem, i should have put some more information here i guess. but i already read some guides about it, like this one:,1516.html

    but it doesnt really show where i can expect difficulties for example. like the memory-speed, it is currently set to 800 but the manual tells me that it should be addepted too. even though i have no idea what i should set it too. is there some kind of tool i can calculate all the values i need to change?

    read this one....

    I also have a core 2 duo E6300 and was able to overclock it to 2.5 ghz with the help of the people here(temps: idle 39 load:48).

    Since you have a stock cooler I wouldn't reckomend to try and overclock it to high.

    My advice is try low voltages for this processor. (I have 1.187 the lowest option I could choose with my motherboard and it runs stable at 2.5 ghz)

    Look that the temps of your cores don't get hotter then 60C(core temp)

    I would reccomend you let the ram run at 1:1. (fsb:ram) that means that if you overclock the cpu to 2.5ghz (7x355) your ram will run at ddr2-710 (355 mhz as the cpu).

    I know this whole things sound very difficult, because I also started 1 month ago with reading here and opening a thread, but it's really worth it.

    The E6300 is a great overclocker!

    Kind regards Erdinger
  5. erdinger said:

    Since you have a stock cooler I wouldn't reckomend to try and overclock it to high.
    Kind regards Erdinger

    Thnx for your reply.

    Do you also use the stock cooler with your CPU if i may ask? Is it safe to try 2,5 GHz on stock cooler. I am really satisfied with this speed..
  6. I am unfamiliar with the MSI BIOS. Raising the FSB from the stock 266 MHz. to 333 MHz. should be OK with stock cooler. I wouldn't go over about a 20% - 25% OC with the stock cooler without keeping a very close eye on the temperatures. Because the E6300 has a relatively low internal multiplier (X7), 2.5 GHz. may be overdoing it with stock cooler.

    I ran an E6600 with the stock cooler at 3.0 GHz. Worked fine, especially since it ran without overvolting. An Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro took me to 3.3 GHz. Anything higher requires serious air cooling.

    To run the memory at a 1 to 1 ratio, set your memory clock to twice the FSB.

    This may be a little difficult because different BIOS' define the terms differently.
  7. Yes I also use the stock cooler... because of the undervolting the cpu doesn't get two hot although it is overclocked :).
  8. sry for duble post.
    I had the luck that the person who made the overclocking guide also had an asus p5b so everything got simpler for me.....

    I think I could go for 2.8 ghz and the sistem would run stable (stock cooler) and don't get to hot but I really don't want to burn my cpu and I think you also don't want to do that.

    So really download a temperature monitoring device and always watch at the highest temps you reach while using prime 95.

    Because it's winter i stopped at 48/49C.
  9. Thnx for your replies, i have tried a couple of things but i think MSI doesnt really support it. As soon as i increase the FSB my PC doesnt really start anymore. or i just dont see anything. I have read in the guide that i need to change the speed of the GPU PCIex because otherwise this will just go up with the CPU but my BIOS doesnt support this option. I guess its just not really possible on MSI.

    Thnx anyway for all your help.
  10. Yeah that's a shame your cpu could but your motherboard can't
  11. HI i have the same CPU but unable to change any settings in my bios they are all grayed out. Is this ungrayabled so to speak?
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