8800GTS vs GTX another useless tread

There doesnt seem to be much difference between the GTX and ultra, except for price of course.
So im wondering whats the difference between the GTS and GTX.

thanks nvidia for making this so dam confusing, you got a GTX and ultra on this end, you got a GS/GT on that end, and the GTS in the middle.
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  1. In general, in modern gaming at a medium resolution (~1440x900 ~4xAA ~16xAF), 9800GX2>>9800GTX>8800 Ultra>8800GTS G92>8800GTX>8800GT>8800GTS G80 640MB

    And then I'm pretty sure 8800GS>8800GTS G80 320MB.

    Correct me if I'm wrong!! But in general I think I am correct. Also the 8800GT performs very very closely, (sometimes equal or better!) to the 8800GTX.
  2. I think your talking about the old G80 GTX
    basically are there any differences in SPs TMU ROP etc
  3. There is no new 8800GTX. Only the old G80 GTX. Sorry but do you mean by SPs, TMU and ROP? I dont even know what context you're talking in.
  4. When I look at overall GPU power, I look at high res and eye candy. So I put the 8800U above a 9800GTX and 8800GTX above an 8800GTX 512MB. But this is because of high res with fsaa performance. At a lower res, then these cards bunch up pretty close and the G92 GTS is not far from an 8800U. In Crysis for example, at playable res there may be only 2-3 fps difference form GTS G92 to 8800U, with the dual GPU GX2 being way ahead though. Crank it to 16x10 high details with fsaa, the 8800U may pull ahead of the G92's more % wise, but it will be unplayable settings averaging 20fps or less.
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