Degraded RAID 1 array, now what?

here's the deal, i have two 80 gb sata WD HDs setup in raid 1 using an adaptec pci raid card. theyre the only HDs in the PC.

one drive died.

now i have the replacement, its formatted, and hooked up. now what? thats all ive done so far. havent touched the config in the raid manager which i can enter by ctrl+A.

I dont want to wipe out the data on original 80 GB HD. the OS is on it and is fine and boots.

so if i rebuild the array what will happen? or should i do something else config-wise. i just dont want to lose the data already on one of the drives.

or should i use some windows based utility and do something?

ive tried googling an answer but havent found anything reassuring enough so here i am asking for all your expertise. thanks in advance.
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  1. Errrr.... can't you just back up your data to another drive, so that you can do whatever you want without risking anything? :D
  2. I did back it up, I just don't want to waste time.
  3. with a failed HDD on a RAID controller, you do not format it or do anything with it. you plug it up to the RAID card and have the controller rebuild the RAID set. you will only see 80 GB of space, the difference in size with the newer drive will be lost. basically it will take the lowest common denominator (e.g. your 80 GB HDD). it is nice if your controller supports hotswap (i mostly work with servers) that way you don't have to even turn your computer off and the card will rebuild the set by itself on the fly.

    if you are afraid of data loss, do what r_manic suggests, back it up.
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